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At GICS-TECH, we understand that pipelines are the lifelines of the oil & gas industry. Our specialized pipeline services are dedicated to ensuring the integrity, efficiency, and safety of these vital conduits. Explore our comprehensive pipeline solutions designed to meet the unique demands of the oil & gas sector.

Pipeline Pre-Commissioning

The journey of a pipeline begins with pre-commissioning, a crucial phase that establishes the foundation for its entire lifecycle. Our services in this domain include:

  • Internal Cleaning: Thorough cleaning to eliminate contaminants.
  • Gauging Plate: Verification of pipeline dimensions.
  • Flooding: Ensuring pipeline integrity through controlled flooding.
  • Hydrostatic Testing: Assessing the ability to contain product under pressure.
  • Dewatering: Removal of water post-testing.
  • Drying: Ensuring a dry, leak-free pipeline.
  • Nitrogen Packing & Preservation: Protection from corrosion and environmental factors.

Our meticulous approach to pipeline pre-commissioning guarantees the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Pipeline Internal Inspection

Safety and reliability are paramount in the oil & gas industry. Our internal inspection services utilize advanced tools to measure the internal geometry of pipelines, including:

  • Caliper Tool: Precise measurements of pipeline dimensions.
  • MFL-ILI Tool (Magnetic Flux Leakage In-Line Inspection): Detection of anomalies like corrosion and defects.
  • UT-ILI Tool (Ultrasonic In-Line Inspection): Assessment of wall thickness, weld integrity, and more.

Our internal inspection ensures that your pipelines operate at peak performance, mitigating risks and extending their lifespan.

Customized Pipeline Solutions

No two pipelines are identical, and we recognize that. Our expertise lies in crafting tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements. Whether you need specialized cleaning, inspection, or maintenance, our team is equipped to design and implement solutions that fit your unique needs.

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